Making a simple booking app for beginners

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Do you need a Apple developer account?

We take care of the publishing process. By publishing your app on our Apple Developer account for you. You will not have to pay the $100 developer fee to Apple or go through the process of submitting through Xcode. The other option We can publish your app to your Apple Developer account. Or we can publish.

How you can increase your business

Want to offer your customers something really special, and stand out from the competition? With efexx you can create a customized app for your business that includes an online booking feature and direct contact to your customers. Keep your existing booking system or use our native alternative. Boost your customer loyalty and optimize your work day.


You can get started by visiting simply create an account begin building your app. Don't worry you can't break anything.

Let us build it

"I'm not really tech savvy." I hear this all the time! There are some individuals that would rather have us do the labor. No problem, we've got you covered. Simply fill out the form and pay a $250 development fee.

Solution Support Session

Solution Support Session

If you create more questions than apps. Simply schedule a Solution Support Session (phone conference) using Promo code " newclient ".