A push notification is a message that you can send to your mobile app users and link directly to your app without starting a conversation. When someone clicks on the notification, they go directly to the page of their choice. This encourages them to focus their full attention on your call to action.

Using of Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with your customers. Many companies are operating in many different ways, but the barbershop industry relies heavily on customers being informed and staying up-to-date with news, offers, or changes to services. This is where push notifications can really make a difference. These are unlimited and can be shipped for free through your own full branded barbershop app, this is truly the best barbershop marketing solution.

How To Use Push Notification In Efexx Apps Builder

These are the simple points to create a Push Notification

  • Simply log in to your app.
  • After you’ve been given administrative access to this feature, sending push notifications will be easier than ever.
  • Simply input the information you’d like to be sent out.
  • Choose between sending your notification out then and there or scheduling it out for a later date.

Advantages Push Notifications

Some are the major advantages to use push notifications. Give a title and content to the notification. Your customers could have many notifications in a day, so remember to keep it short, fast, and direct. You can also add emojis to really stand out. Unlike other types of messages, you cannot add images, videos, or HTML blocks to your push messages.

Keep Your Customers Informed of New Offers

By using push notifications, you can notify customers of any special offers or discounts that apply to them. You can choose to offer special discounts to those who regularly use a particular service. Either way, an automatic notification will be sent straight to your device, increasing the chances of it being read and processed.

Useful Reports

If you really want to communicate with customers, you need to understand their behavior. If you choose to use push notifications, you will get information on how many of your customers are engaged with a specific message. All of this allows you to create marketing campaigns that connect with your barbershop customers in a more efficient and effective way.

Save Time By Reaching Customers

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with customers in less time. You can send offers and discounts to all customers in seconds. It does not have to be offers or discounts, it can be the latest information, a change in opening or closing hours, or even a new service you offer. You can also schedule these marketing messages to run at specific times.

Push notifications play an important role in the success of any barbershop marketing and are crucial for barbershops. Keeping up with the pulse and communicating with customers is a great way to keep them engaged and make your business prosper.

Reconnect with your customers

Sometimes clients can disappear and there are many reasons for this. If you don’t reach out to them, you may lose the opportunity to get back in touch with them and encourage them to return to your barbershop. A simple push notification that says “We miss you, we have a discounted brow shape for us” is a simple but effective way to get their attention and increase the chances of them coming back to your barbershop